AWS Cost Optimization has always been a hot topic for many organizations that have either migrated to AWS or built their empire there from the ground up. Cloud providers like AWS empower us with the ability to create new servers and resources with virtually a click of the button. And its extremely easy to overlook the costs associated with doing it. 

In the past, the process of adding new hardware equipment and upgrades was heavily scrutinized and in most cases took multiple weeks to order and receive the new components. Essentially, there was a checks and balances in play that kept a close eye on infrastructure costs.

What happens in most cases is that companies' primary concerns revolve around ensuring the new or migrated environment is set up and configured successfully. During this process they usually run into applicaiton hiccups and other issues where they wind up just "Throwing more resources at it."  Then they get receive their monthly bill and get hit with an enormous bill that has finance and management up and arms about it. All they want to know is how are we going to fix it and by when.



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