Business to Business

We understand the challenges other IT departements and IT managed service firms face. We've worked and managed teams over the years in this space, so we understand the ebb and flow of your business. 

IT managed services firms and other IT departments face many challenges and one of them is usually their capacity to handle the ebb and flow of having too much client work and then not enough. We're here to help you expand your team during times of excess work or when you have specialized needs your current staff are not trained and/or experienced at. 

What we do?

  • We work on your behalf to help in whatever way needed on your project as part of your team

  • We can run solo with a project or work as part of a team

  • We can handle specific or specialized components of a project

  • We can provide training to your client and team on any IT, Cloud, and DevOps technologies

  • We can implement any DevOps tools or process including CI/CD pipelines and Infrastructure as Code

  • We can work with any public cloud including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

  • We're experienced with large cloud migration projects, cost optimization, and pretty much anything you want to throw our way