AWS Cost Optimization Project
January 1, 2020

AWS Migration Project

Project Duration: 8 Months

Company Size: Global Corporation

Project Outcome: Successfully Completed Lift and Shift Migration from Data Center to AWS

This project involved migrating a large Engery Billing SaaS solution from their Data Center to AWS. The project took 8 months to properly plan, test, and complete as there were multiple stages in setting and testing their SaaS solution. Some of the major challenges included properly getting a snapshot and syncing the data with the migration solution in AWS through every stage of testing.
  • Migrate VmWare virtual machiens to AWS EC2 Instances
  • Migrated Oracle Enterprise Databases to Oracle RDS
  • Migrate SaaS application solution
  • Migrate 20 Terrabytes of Data
  • uild AWS Continuous Delivery Pipeline